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My apologizes, I am so busy with clients projects and referalls from those clients. I have not been able to update my own website in months, my portfolio has some awesome additions to be made. Hoping I can update here soon. 

Website design is the most crucial of all the marketing media at your disposal. All other forms of advertising (business cards, brochures, etc.) can and should be uniform patterned after your website design layout or business colours and font etc.. incorporated into your website so company presence is uniform.

A responsive website will immediately adjust to the user’s devices preferences, whether it be a mobile phone, tablet or computer, the images and text layouts will be chosen on command to give you a better online experience.  Mobile landing pages will be more condensed; allowing the user to quickly analyze the page with clarity, a more condensed version of the page will appear before your eyes.

Landing pages are effectively designed to target the online browser specifically towards a certain page, be it special promotional materials linked to your site or specific advertising campaigns.  Specific information designed for the customers to find first.  Landing pages can be an effective and crucial part of your business in maximizing your advertising campaign goals.

I am proud to be able to offer mobile device responsive landing pages for small screen devices such as Smartphones (ie iPhone, Android), Tablets, PDA, and other devices. These mobile websites are a smaller version of your desktop website.

The mobile/responsive landing pages are developed and optimized for mobile devices using special website specifications for smaller dimension screens to display your web site content.

When you query a website, and make a search request from a mobile device is made, it is redirected to the mobile version for a easy viewing without have to scroll your big website look for items. Your website is compacted into a better surfing which is easily readable on your cell or or other device. Of course, the user can access the mobile site by its own name. A mobile sites renders the pages in narrow columns and often provide only a subset of their regular website features, but has now almost become unlimited.

My mobile websites are read by any type mobile of device such as iPhones, Smart phones, iPad, Tablets, Android, Blackberry, and all other mobile devices with internet capabilities.

I offer several options for you web hosting needs, You can you chose from one of our premade packages or a custom tailored specifically to your needs. We have lots of free tools such as complete email products, backup, statistics, spam control, auto install scripts for your favourite programs. We can accommodate any of your web hosting needs. Your desktop website and mobile website need only one package that cover both.